Vote Yes on Equitable Climate Action - Berkeley Climate Equity Action Fund

Vote Yes on Equitable Climate Action

This fall, Berkeley voters have the chance to create a local fund to fight global warming!  Measure HH would raise $2.4 million per year for the Climate Equity Action Fund. The Fund would provide incentives to switch to clean transportation, renewable energy, and energy efficiency, while cutting energy taxes for low-income households.

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin says Vote Yes on Measure HH!

Background:  Berkeley has been following a voter-approved Climate Action Plan since 2009. In 2018, the City Council declared a Climate Emergency and set a goal of becoming Fossil Fuel Free by 2030.  But we have never put our money where our hearts are, and are falling short of our goals. As wildfires, heat, drought, and storms intensify, and the Trump Administration does everything it can to help polluters, we must take action locally.

The Climate Equity Action Fund:  The Fund would help Berkeley residents and businesses take action, such as by providing rebates for electric bikes, cars, and scooters; insulating homes; and subsidizing transit passes. It would put a priority on equity, lowering costs for low-income residents, creating jobs and opportunities for disadvantaged communities, and restoring environmental justice.

Measure HH:  The ballot measure would reform the tax on utilities that we all pay. It would exempt low-income households from the tax entirely, saving about 5000 households $162 per year on average. It would raise the tax on the rest of us by $2.50 for each $100 of utility bills, with funds used to pay for climate action. A panel of experts would recommend how to spend the funds effectively, through a public and transparent process.

Read this website for more information about Measure HH, the need for climate action, and what you can do to help.

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