We want you to endorse the Climate Equity Action Fund!

Tell the world that you support Measure HH, the Climate Equity Action Fund! Fill out this form and your name and zip code will appear on the list below.

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If you would like to have your organization listed as an endorsing organization, contact us.

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Nikki Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve

Niambi Hunt

Anna MBergrr Oener

Nishanga E Bliss Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College

We must act now to protect our collective future!

Solange Gould Co-Director, Human Impact Partners

Bonnie Borucki We Bee Gardeners

We all survive on this planet together. Acting locally on a just transition to a healthy environment is our responsibility to future generations.

Kent Wegener By Owner

This is our humanity at stake. We MUST restore Earth's balance to for our current youth generation and future generations. This a leadership start in that effort.

Susi Marzuola

Lewis Ames

Nancy Schimmel

Plastic Reduction Working Group

Midori Law Group

Christie Keith International Coordinator, GAIA

Antonia Frankhuijzen None

We are out of time!

Holly Renee Scheider public health advocate

Tom Yamaguchi

Measure HH will provide the funding needed to meet the goals of Berkeley's Climate Action Plan. We can have improved public transportation, as well as safer streets for walking and biking. Vote yes on Measure HH.

Nishanga Bliss Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College

Mary Selkirk Former Director, EBMUD

Audre Newman

We have to do more than act as individuals to stop climate change. We must get together! IB is one way to do this.

Brenda Wallace Mom

We are living in a climate crisis that must be addressed for the future of life on earth.

Sarah Barger Ranney Parent; Co-Chair, Sierra Club Climate Literacy Commitee

Measure HH is a necessary and equitable step in the right direction! It creates a fund to help Berkeley take steps to address our climate emergency, and will set an example for other communities.

Carole Norris

Gillian Sloan Binghamton University Sustainable Communities Masters Student alumni

Deborah Moore Co-founder Green Schools Initiative; formerly with Union of Concerned Scientists* *Title for ID purposes only

California has set ambitious climate & clean energy goals. We need to implement them at the local level. I support Measure HH to generate funds for local climate solutions by a small increase in utility taxes for those of us who can afford it. Support Berkeley's healthy future!

Gabriel Molnar Organizer, 350 Bay Area

Beth Stewart MD

Climate change is an emergency that is already worsening disparities. It’s time to take bold action and lead by example.

Amber Evans 20 year West Berkeley resident

Not everyone can afford to put solar panels on their home but we all most chip in for a future we can ideally thrive in and at a minimum survive.

janet perlman MD, bayside medical group

Climate change is a health emergency; we need to act for our children and our children's children in ensuring the world is a safe place in which they can grow and thrive.

Ayako Nagano Managing Attorney, Midori Law Group, P.C.

Californians are on the brink of becoming climate refugees. It's time to invest in mitigating the damages already done, adapting to living with our new normals, and to plan ahead for a more just and sustainable World.

Lily Cohen Student and Environmental Project Manager

Neil Collier

Danielle Epifani

Sandy Emerson Board President, Fossil Free California

Measure HH addresses the need for reparations to communities most affected by climate change.

Danielle Epifani

Linda Spatz

Andy Kelley former Chair Berkeley Public Works Commission

Berkeley is already feeling the impacts of climate change and a warming planet. Measure HH is a unique opportunity to help Berkeley's lowest income residents save on their utility bills while reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. It's a win for the planet and for our community!

Corinna Tempelis Board Director, United Nations Association East Bay Chapter

Seth Wachtel University of San Francisco

Functional and fair, Measure HH directly addresses problems close to home while demonstrating an effective model toward regional, national and global change.

Hal Harvey

Brit Harvey

Kaitlyn Young

Chris Gilbert

Anna Rabkin Berkeley City Auditor (1979-94)

A small step toward environmental justice

Hector Gonzalez

Rebecca Franke

We aren't moving fast enough in addressing our destabilizing climate. Measure HH will enable Berkeley to demonstrate locally what cities across the country can achieve in cutting climate pollutants through direct funding and incentive programs.

Heather C Mitchell Monkey Business Camp

We might not know exactly how to get there, each step might not be perfectly figured or planned, but we surely know we need to! This measure helps give funding on grander scale. We can do this!

Karina Epperlein

Ariella Granett Co Founder Flight Free USA, South Berkeley Now Steering Committee Member

Equitable climate solutions are within reach. I strongly support Measure HH.

Karen Harrington Volunteer, 350 Bay Area and Climate Reality Project

Lets keep Berkeley on the progressive edge of fighting the climate crisis. Measure HH helps Berkeley meet it’s goal of becoming Fossil Fuel Free by 2030 and does it through an equity lens.

Richard Rollins

Tom Lent

Do it to honor everyone made homeless by the wildfires (and the hurricanes and floods and the derecho and...)

Effie Dilworth

David Arkin, AIA, LEED AP Arkin Tilt Architects

As a Berkeley Business Owner focused on architecture that utilizes Solar Power and addresses Climate Change, this Climate Equity Action Fund measure has my full and wholehearted support!

L. Lloyd Morgan Member WiRED group

I fully support Measure HH.

Chrise deTournay Vice Chair, Zero Waste Commission, City of Berkeley

Bruce Bagnell member, BeHomeBerkeley

Let's do our part.

Nico Calavita retired

Ingrid Good

We need to get serious about climate action and put money toward it!

Jessica Reich

Dave Margulius Climate Voter

We need to do much more... but it's a start!

Vanessa Warheit

Matthew Hirsch Parent, Oxford Elementary Green Team*

*Individual endorsement. Organization listed for identification purposes only.

MaryAnn Furda Founding member, Indivisible Berkeley, Science & Environment Team & 350 EastBay Berkeley Hub

Time to put some funding where our hearts and minds are!

Hector Gonzalez

I support Measure HH!

Tony Sirna Climate Voter

Nina Sprecher

Significant change results from the seemingly insignificant small part each and everyone of us plays.

Marc Pilisuk

Remember to ask Gavin Newsom to end fracking and new drilling permits.

Natalie Nussbaum

Let's put some resources behind our good intentions.

Martha Steward

Jerome Paulos BHS Student